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Crystal Meanings


Abalone - Confidence, Spirituality, Heart, Muscles and digestion.

Actinolite - Responsibility, inflammations and liver.

Agate - Banded Agate - Helps one feel grounded, remain focused. Dispels fears.

          - Blue Lace Agate - Helps with endings and new beginnings. Express your views lovingly. When worn this stone invokes calmness, removes anger and                    irritation.

          - Moss Agate - brings peace of mind, refreshes the spirit. Develops intuition. Renewal, assertiveness.

          - Tree Agate - Aids meditation, clear thinking. Relieves stress. Co-ordination.

Amazonite - soothes nervous system. Increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

Amber - Said to relieve depression, memory loss, lack of energy and breathing problems.

Amethyst - Purple - Said to heal body, mind and spirit. Gentle and calming effect. Develops intuition and psychic abilities. Promotes restful sleep, and helps ease                   headaches. Strengthens the endocrine and immune systems.

Apache Tears - Powerful stone for good fortune. Helps you feel more positive.

Apatite - Good motivator. Aids communicative powers.

Aquamarine - Promotes compassion, empathy. Said to enhance clairvoyance, and is good for meditation.

Aventurine - Green - Brings good luck, good fortune. Increases creativity. Heals wounded emotions. Excellent balancing powers, can help with psychosomatic                         illness. Can help alleviate urinary problems, skin troubles, and has a calming effect on nervous and hysterical people.

Azurite - Relinquishes harmful beliefs, see the true purpose of life.


Bloodstone (heliotrope) - Said to calm fears, dispel confusion, rids you of obsessive ideas.


Calcite - Great energizer. Provides excellent psychic protection.

Carnelian (sard) - Prized healing stone. Banishes jealousy, inspires courage. Aids perception and decision making. Said to enhance concentration. Alleviates                                     shyness. Helps with spinal problems, and protects against dysfunction of the liver, lungs and pancreas.

Celestine (Celestite) - Conductive for creativity, helps a peaceful and serene outlook. Helps you communicate more effectively. Encourages enlightenment.

Chalcedony - Lifts ones spirit, balances emotions. Increases good humour and prevents irritability. Helpful in dealing with panic attacks.

Chrysocolla - Said to ease stress, promotes self-confidence. Balances ones emotions.

Chrysolite - see Peridot

Chrysoprase - Relieves stress and tension. Spiritual protection. Helps heal psychological scars.

Citrine - Helpful for healing and self-development. Increase wealth. Calms the emotions. Self-confidence. Boosts feelings of self-worth. Highly protective stone.                Never needs to be cleansed.

Clear Quartz (Rock Crystal) - Powerful healer that stores and transmits energy.. Good for channelling and meditation.

Coral - Organic gemstone. Protective stone. Strengthens and protects emotions. Said to frighten away evil spirits.


Diamond - Attract wealth and increase energy and clarity. Helps to connect with the infinite.


Emerald - Strong healer of mental and physical problems. Increase inspiration and patience. Enhance memory.


Fluorite - Extremely protective, particularly on the psychic level. Help you become more analytical and rational. Combats anxiety and worry. Protects against                      negative vibrations from computers and similar machines.


Garnet - Protects against depression and melancholy. Encourages patience and perseverance. Believed to alleviate problems with blood and circulation. Good                    energizing stone.


Heliotrope - see Bloodstone

Hematite - Aids psychic development. Helps overcome shyness. Builds self-esteem. Good grounding stone.



Jade - Great healing stone. Encourages longevity, heals body and spirit. Brings good luck and friendships.

Jasper - Good for relieving stress, promotes tranquility. Useful for grounding during divination.

Jet - Said to keep evil spirits at bay. Strengthens ones character.


Kunzite - Aligns emotions rationally. Relieves emotional stress, provides serenity.


Labradorite - Inspirational stone. Helps develop strong psychic powers. Said to strengthen the immune system and encourage beneficial change.

Lapis Lazuli - Said to aid visualization, helps develop the sixth sense. Stimulates intuition, promotes creativity.

Lepidolite - relieves stress, dispels negative emotions.


Malachite - Great healer, highly protective. Brings negative and repressed emotions to the surface.

Moonstone - Said to help with fertility, menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. Restores harmony and emotional balance.

Mother of Pearl - helps ones to accept love.



Obsidian - Black Obsidian - Good scrying stone. Helps focus on the paranormal.

Olivine - see Peridot

Onyx - Good psychic shield. Enhances emotional stability. Thought to aid with childbirth.

Opal - Helps rationalize emotional states, see all possibilities. Strengthen the will to live and encourage persistence. 


Pearl - Aids self-esteem, self-respect. Stability.

Peridot (olivine, chrysolite) - Said to increase happiness and attract abundance, in love and wealth. Helps heal old mental wounds.

                                                Repel evil spirits.

Pyrite - Said to open the mind to accept new ideas.



Rhodonite - Aids self-esteem, assurance and confidence.

Rhodochrosite - Balances emotions (love). Promotes understanding.

Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love and peace. Positive stone, thought to overcome negative thoughts and attitudes. Attracts and teaches love.                                       Comfort,  relieves grief. Promotes harmonious relationships.

Ruby - Promotes spiritual knowledge. Realism about goals. Purifies love. Thought to strengthen the immune system, and blood disorders. Dispels negative                        attitudes, increase concentration, and sharpen the mind.

Rutilated Quartz - Releases energy blockages. Improves self-esteem.


Sapphire - Said to enhance willpower and self-discipline. Mental clarity, clears the inner eye. Brings good fortune to the wearer. Helps with headaches.

Sard - see Carnelian

Selenite - Fertility stone, protecting the woman and child. Said to protect the wearer against epilepsy and improve skin. Enhances the stability of partnerships,                        and  encourages open communication.

Smoky Quartz - Filters out negative thoughts and emotions. Helps with telepathy, universal communication.

Sodalite - Said to heal damaged emotions. Helps rational thought. Aids restful sleep.

Spinal (mother of ruby) - Protects wearer from emotional upset.

Sugulite - Helps spiritual insight and tranquility.


Tanzanite - Said to help the wearer accept change.

Tiger Eye - Protection. Promotes patience and persistence. Helps seekers of past or future lives knowledge.

Topaz - Aids telepathy. Useful for artists.

Tourmaline - Black Tourmaline - Repels negative energy, protects from destructive forces.

                   - Green Tourmaline - Said to bring abundance. Helps with creative endeavors.

                   - Pink Tourmaline - Feminine stone. Strengthens and harmonizes female sex organs. Helps men discover their feminine side.

Turquoise - Aids in drawing luck, love and money. Brings emotional balance.


Unakite - Heals the psyche. Allows the wearer to recognize the higher self.






Zircon - Invigorating stone. Enhances creativity and originality.

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